Team ARTEMIS enters the 2013 DLR SpaceBot Cup

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Following a successful application the Robotics Innovation Center of the DFKI has been chosen by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to take part in the SpaceBot Cup, a new, challenging competition hosted by the DLR in 2013. Ten teams have been accepted into the competition, which takes place in Rheinbreitbach from the 11th to the 13th of November 2013. The competition's scenario is deduced from a typical extraterrestrial, planetary exploration involving a robotic system designed to explore an unknown area of terrain, in which components for a final assembly have been placed. In order to be successful at this competition, the entries have to autonomously navigate through the terrain, avoiding obstacles and locating the assembly parts, consisting of a battery pack and a water container. Furthermore these parts have to be brought to a fixed base and assembled with a third component. Communication with the robot is only allowed via telecommunications. More information about the competition and regulations can be found in German on the DLR Website.




ARTEMIS is an acronym for "Autonomous Rover Team for Exploration and Manipulation Intended for SpaceBot". Team ARTEMIS is a cooperation between the Robotics Innovation Center and the AG Robotik, which is part of the University of Bremen's Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Both the RIC and the AG Robotik have longstanding experience in the development of space exploration systems.


 The Robotics Innovation Center is renowned for its world-leading, pioneering research into robotics, ranging from innovative electric vehicle concepts over automatic sorting of bulk waste all the way to investigating the possibility of autonomous robots exploring one of Jupiter's moons, Europa. Their testing facilities include a hangar which has been designed specifically for the testing of robots on an imitation of the lunar surface.


 The ARTEMIS team is planning to use parts of previous projects to reduce development costs and to make sure that the most challenging parts of the competition can be payed attention to with the usual standard of the Robotics Innovation Center. You can find out more about the Rover, which is being developed by the team, on the Rover-page of this blog.

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